FNB bank is not accessible for blind or visually impaired persons.

If you are blind, partially sighted, elderly or becoming older, do not open up an account with FNB.  In fact, close your accounts if you have made the mistake opening one with them as they do not care for users who are blind or partially sighted.


Even though I have provided FNB with the technical solution on how to make their services, specifically the web site, friendly for visually impaired persons, they just dismissed my case, once again.

When one of my totally blind clients asked them how to overcome the issues with the iOS app, the FNB consultant told them to turn their speech software, (VoiceOver), off.  How stupid can you get?

In any case, here is the very entertaining response from FNB regarding the fact that I cannot access their internet banking services independently, even though I have been assured that I would be able to make use of it.

By the way, it is 10 days later that I’m receiving this written communication.  No one phoned me during this time.

Dear Mr Kruger,

We acknowledge receipt of your complaint.

One of our technical consultants also called you and discussed the matter with you in the past.

We have investigated the possibility of making Online Banking suitable for sight impaired customers. However at this stage we’re yet to implement the functionality.
We  suggest that in the interim you use our FNB ATM’s as well as Telephone Banking and General Enquiries to perform your transactions.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Marinda Tonkin
Online Assistance


Me, using the FNB ATM’s?  Since when can a totally blind person use FNB’s ATM’s on their own without any sighted assistance?


I will shortly do a quick breakdown of accessible banks in South Africa in a future article.  Perhaps I should create a survey, similar to the earlier one on accessibility of mobile networks in South Africa, that I published earlier in 2013.