SA varsity develops tech to detect hearing disability

The University of Pretoria has developed low-cost technology that helps in diagnosing hearing disability.

The technology, called hearScreen, is a patented smartphone application that provides a mobile health solution for early detection of hearing loss and links patients to required health services. The software can turn any smartphone into an audiometer to test people’s hearing. Continue reading SA varsity develops tech to detect hearing disability

TapTapSee, a real easy camera app for the visually impaired

TapTapSee is a lightweight application designed to help the visually impaired and blind community identify objects they encounter in their daily lives.

Once the user takes a picture of what is in front of them, the application identifies and speaks the identification back to the user*.

The application also features instant recognition on all US paper currency.

* Spoken identification requires VoiceOver to be turned on.



Free or Paid



This is a native iPhone and iPod Touch app that is displayed in 2x mode on an iPad

Device(s) App Was Tested On

iPhone 4
I’ve had loads of fun with this app.  It’s real easy to use.  There are only two buttons in the app.  The about and the take picture button.
The only issue I have at present, is that one is not able to recall previous results.  You can’t share the info and you don’t have a way of repeating your results.
In this podcast, I demonstrate the ability of the TapTapSee application to recognize objects rather accurately.