Android 4.0 Accessibility: Turning on Accessibility

With the arrival of the Google Nexus, accessibility is getting a boost as well thanks to Ice Cream Sandwitch, also known as ICS.

In this first video from the Official Nexus YouTube Channel, you will be shown how easy it is to turn on the accessibility on any ICS Android phone.

Use a simple gesture to activate eyes-free touch exploration. Enlarge the system-wide font, change the browser’s zoom behavior, or make other adjustments to suit your needs.

I would like to know if I would be able to change the speech synthesizer. This one sounds a bit weird to me.

For more info, check out

A very quick tour through the home screen of Mobile Accessibility from Code Factory

As you may, or may not know, Mobile Accessibility is a home screen replacement application that has various accessible applications built into it with some screen reading capability once outside of the suite. All this comes at a price of about r700 plus.

We will go into some more detail somewhere in the future but, for now, check out the main suite of applications, what works and what doesn’t really work.

I’ve used the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro for this demonstration so, note that results might differ on your device.