Windows 7 Problem Step Recorder – Create Step By Step Recordings

Some of us like to help others but, it can be extremely frustrating when you attempt to figure out the problem just to be met with an even bigger problem.


The person who is experiencing the problem with his windows 7 machine is sometimes the biggest obstacle to solving the problem since he or she is not able to tell you exactly what went wrong.  (Just teasing).  It’s not their fault but, it is frustrating, nevertheless.


Windows 7 has an answer for us here.  The “Problem Step Recorder” can help.   Windows 7 Problem Step Recorder will record steps that either you or your client take that will eventually result in a certain computer problem.


Once you have finished recording the steps, it outputs each step as a screenshot and puts them in an MHT document (webpage).


Now, now, you guys, it is all ok, Microsoft is not discriminating against those of you who can’t see the screenshots: It will also include a text only description of the steps down the bottom of the page.  (One less online petition for me to look at.)


To top it all off, it will also place all the contents of this recording into an archived zip file so that it can be easily emailed.


To use it, Goto Start “Menu > Run” and type: psr

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