Audiorun, Game play

Audiorun is a unique audio game for iOS devices, with no visuals, written by Alexander Shen.

Can you traverse the rooftops of the city with nothing but your sense of hearing? This game has also been designed in such a way that the visually impaired can also enjoy it.

In a tribute to distance games like Canabalt and Tobe’s Great Escape, Audiorun has been created to capture the same feeling of leaping from rooftop to rooftop but with nothing but audio. This game provides a completely new sensory experience and thus is best experienced through headphones.


  • Completely audio based game mechanic
  • Score system to track your latest run and jumps
  • Single click game mechanic


This game is really easy to play. You will initially hear background noise of vehicles passing, people and just a general bussle of the city. You will hear yourself running, then, your heart rate will increase. As it gets louder, the background city noises will fade slowly. The moment that you can only hear the sound of your heart beating, you must then touch to screen to jump.

Needless to say that, if you’re to early or to late, you will fall.

Visit Alexander’s site at

Click here to visit Audiorun on the App Store.

Below is the podcast. Enjoy.

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