Mobile number portibility

So, you’re sick and tired of your current mobile providers lack of service or high pricing and false promises but, you’re scared that you’re going to lose your number when switching networks?


Thanks to mobile number portability, (MNP), you can keep your existing number and hop to your preferred network without any penalties.

Why would you want to port your number to another network?

You might be tired of poor customer service, bad cellular reception, prepaid and contract packages that offers no bang for your buck or you might just feel that you want to change to see how things are on the other side of the fence.


MNP offers you the ability to do just that and you can keep your number in the process so that you don’t have to update your friends and family with a new number or have to reprint all your business stationary like business cards and the like.


Note:  If you are on a contract and still have some time left before the contract period is over, you will not be able to port your number unless you pay any outstanding fees to your current mobile provider.

You will also lose any bonuses and services that you may have on your existing mobile provider’s plan so, make sure that you deplete all of your airtime, data and sms messages before porting.

Also remember that you need:

A proof of residence, not older than three months and a copy of your South African ID document to RICA your sim card.

If you are currently on a contract and you want to move before your contract ends, you will need to speak to your current provider to make arrangements.

If you are on prepaid, you can change networks only every 60 days.


How to port to Cell C

  1. Purchase a Cell C starter pack
  2. Rica the Sim card
  3. Create a new SMS and write:
  4. #portme#serialnumber#
  5. (note: this is the serial number of your new Cell C SIM).
  6. Send this to 084 767 8287 from your MTN, Telkom mobile, Vodacom or Virgin Mobile SIM card.
  7. You will receive two confirmation SMS’s within two hours on your MTN, Telkom Mobile, Vodacom or Virgin Mobile SIM.
  8. Wait 24 hours until your MTN, Telkom Mobile, Vodacom or Virgin Mobile SIM card stops working.
  9. Then you can go ahead and insert the new Cell C sim and enjoy your new network.




How to port to Vodacom

  1.  Buy a Vodacom Prepaid Starter Pack
  2. Rica the sim card
  3. Create a new SMS and write:
  4. ‘portme’ and the Vodacom prepaid starter pack SIM number
  5. Send this to 082 PORT2US(082 767 8287) from your existing SIM card
  6. Sit tight and wait for further instructions via sms.


How to port to Virgin Mobile

  1.  Buy a Virgin Mobile starter pack.
  2. Rica the sim card.
  3. Load airtime.
  4. After successful activation, you will be allocated a temporary mobile number.
  5. If you are an 8ta customer:
  6. Create a new sms and write:
  7. ‘PORT ME’ and your 8ta number from your newly activated Virgin Mobile SIM card.
  8. Send this to  30977 e.g., “PORT ME 081…”
  9. If you are a Vodacom, Cell C,  or MTN customer:
  10. Create a new  SMS and write:
  11. ‘PORT ME’ from your old Vodacom, CELL C, or MTN SIM card followed by your newly activated Virgin Mobile number.
  12. Send this  to 30977 e.g., “PORT ME 0741…”


How to port to Telkom Mobile (8ta)

  1.  Visit a Telkom Direct or Telkom Mobile (8ta) store and fill in a port request form.
  2. Whilst in the store, you can purchase a starter pack and Rica it.
  3.  You can start to use your new sim card the moment your old sim card stops working.  This can take anything from 24 hours to 48 hours.


How to port to MTN

  1.  Call 0831233667 or visit an MTN dealer.
  2. If you are a prepaid client, you will need a caller line identification (CLI) to verify your number.
  3. If you are a contract client, you will need to provide an account number and ID number.
  4. Even though it isn’t stated anywhere, Assume that you will have to Rica your new sim card that will be handed over to you by MTN.
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