Mobile number portibility

So, you’re sick and tired of your current mobile providers lack of service or high pricing and false promises but, you’re scared that you’re going to lose your number when switching networks?


Thanks to mobile number portability, (MNP), you can keep your existing number and hop to your preferred network without any penalties.

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Comparing BlackBerry devices

BlackBerry was never known for their accessibility in their products however, they do have four phones that can run the free BlackBerry screen reader.


I have received mixed reports concerning the experience with these devices however, I’m posting the below comparison table for informational purposes.


I might follow this post up with pricing if there is enough interest.


This table only covers the models that can run the BlackBerry Screen Reader.


PS: If anyone is currently using one of these devices with the screen reader, please let us know what your opinion is.  Thanks.


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Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S III and S III Mini in South Africa

Yet another price comparison.


Admittedly the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is out of the range of many users.  For this reason, I have decided to check out how much it would cost to get either the Samsung Galaxy S III or the little brother, S III Mini on contract or cash. Continue reading Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S III and S III Mini in South Africa