AAS Insight #226: Nokia Q3 2012, Belle FP2, LTE

In All About Symbian Insight number 226, Steve, David and Rafe start with a discussion of Nokia’s Q3 2012 results and smartphone shipment numbers. We continue our Belle Feature Pack 2 coverage, with comments on text input, app compatibility, and a summary of Steve’s recent review. There’s also time for quick mention of Nokia Suite 3.6 (and how it helps you move to a new phone), plus a plug for the 361 Degrees podcast, which leads to some LTE related chat.

This podcast was recorded on Wednesday 25th October 2012.

In this podcast we cover:

Nokia Q3 2012 results
SMS update for select device
Steve’s review of Belle Feature Pack 2
Nokia Suite 3.6 official release
361 Degrees plug and discussion of LTE

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Source: All about symbian  

Optiguide, I don’t really know what to make of it.

So, Optiguide is this new screenreader with real amazing features; ok?

Visit the developer’s web site.

The documentation link, provided on the web site said “page not found” but, I went and downloaded the application in any case, just to check it out.

Grab your own copy from the UTechAccess web site.

Download Optiguide version 1.0.55 from here.

The version I tested in this podcast, is 1.0.55.

I only went through the installation and initial setup. I really didn’t know what de hell was going on. There were no real helpful messages anyware and no help documentation in the program group.

I tested this on a virtual machine of Windows XP.