Is accessible public transport important to you?

If accessible public transport in South Africa is important to you, please read on.

GAATES is the Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments.

Marnie Peters is the contact at GAATES and her email address is

Their website can be found at

Click here to fill in the survey.

Please complete the survey so that they are aware that we have a serious
problem in South Africa with the lack of accessible public transport.

Dear GAATES Family,
In 2012, GAATES established a Transportation Committee to focus on the many
transportation and mobility problems that exist for people with disabilities
around the world.
In the transport field, accessibility is seldom an absolute and independent
requirement of new development – either of vehicles or infrastructure. This
means that inaccessibility is often being perpetuated, and people with
disabilities continue to be unable to live independently, access work,
education, healthcare etc.
In light of the upcoming High Level Meeting on Disability and Development,
we want to establish an inventory of the problems that exist currently and
establish what the priorities are for action.
To help us with that process we would be very grateful if you could take a
few minutes to respond to the survey which you can access at

Please complete the survey and submit it by Monday September 9th.
We look forward to sharing the results and establishing priorities for
Many thanks in advance and continued best wishes.
Ann Frye, Chair, GAATES Transportation Committee

Source: Tony Webb, NAPSA Mailing List.