Elbraille, a component like Windows 10 notetaker running with Jaws and Focus 14 Braille Display

Russian based Elita Group, recently announced the release of the all-new ElBraille Notetaker.

What is this?

Elbraile is a full mobile portable computer running on Windows 10 together with Jaws for Windows.
It contains a docking station, integrated with Freedom Scientific’s Focus 14 Braille display. This docking station contains the perkins style keyboard and all the navigation options that you find on the Focus 14.

One could say that this is a component based system so, if you already have a Focus 14 Blue, you would not have to buy a new Focus 14 Blue again.

189 mmx 118 mm by 38 (7.4 x 4.7 x 1.5 inches
Weight with Focus 14 included: 750 g (1.65 pounds)

Physical description

On the front you have the Focus 14 Blue control, like the selector buttons, panning, buttons, rocker bars, etc.
On the right side you have an extractor button, 3.5 mm jack, sd card slot, usb port and then power port.
On the back there is nothing.
On the left, there’s nothing.
On the top there are 6 keys. From left to right: E1, E2, Volume up and down buttons then E3 and #4.
The Sim card slot is right on the top left.

Windows 10 32bit
Jaws 17
1.8 GHz Quad-core atom processor
2 GB of ram
64 GB SSD drive
Built-in 32 gb sd card – not usable by user, for the OS
Expansion card slot up to 256 gb storage
built-in microphone
Stereo speakers
Vibration motor – Device vibrates and beeps.when being turned on, shutting down, when placed on charge, etc.
SMS messaging capability
You can also make and receive phonecalls.

Bluetooth 4.0
3G modem (Micro sim card required)
Wi-Fi 801.11 a/b/g/n
3.5mm headphone jack
USB port – used for external storage, full qwerty keyboard etc.
20 hours of battery life.

The device has a rescue menu – used in a potential situation if there is no speech or Braille feedback.
This menu has a self-voicing and self-Brailling capability.
1. Restart Jaws.
2. Shut the system down.
3. Forced restart.

Final thoughts:
I don’t know anything else about the device but, on paper, it looks great! I’m honestly quite excited.

The South African Mobile Telecommunications Accessibility Survey

As people living with disabilities in South Africa, we are faced with various challenges, from the mundane to the most unimaginable levels of discrimination.


When I interact with my mobile or cellular provider, I find a lot of things lacking.  Instead of complaining about it though, I am currently interacting with some parties to do something about this.


For this reason, I have created a survey.


If you are living with a disability and if you have the means and the time to fill it in, it will be appreciated.


You could even ask someone to fill it in for you.


To register for participation, please go to http://www.3bhost.co.za/surveys/index.php/866376/lang-en


This survey will be available until 11:59 PM on 23 April, 2013.


Your answers will be kept anonymous even though you would be registering an account for participation.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey, please feel free to email me at admin@AccessTech.co.za


Thanks for reading and have a lovely day further.

Windows 7 Problem Step Recorder – Create Step By Step Recordings

Some of us like to help others but, it can be extremely frustrating when you attempt to figure out the problem just to be met with an even bigger problem.


The person who is experiencing the problem with his windows 7 machine is sometimes the biggest obstacle to solving the problem since he or she is not able to tell you exactly what went wrong.  (Just teasing).  It’s not their fault but, it is frustrating, nevertheless.


Windows 7 has an answer for us here.  The “Problem Step Recorder” can help.   Windows 7 Problem Step Recorder will record steps that either you or your client take that will eventually result in a certain computer problem.


Once you have finished recording the steps, it outputs each step as a screenshot and puts them in an MHT document (webpage).


Now, now, you guys, it is all ok, Microsoft is not discriminating against those of you who can’t see the screenshots: It will also include a text only description of the steps down the bottom of the page.  (One less online petition for me to look at.)


To top it all off, it will also place all the contents of this recording into an archived zip file so that it can be easily emailed.


To use it, Goto Start “Menu > Run” and type: psr

A very basic short tutorial for XP users who are moving to Windows 7 by Gene Asner – Free download

Please note that I am not the author of this document.

If you are still stuck with Windows XP and you are finally considering moving to Windows 7, this short introduction will be of great benefit to you.

Please share with your friends and others who may benefit from it.

Introduction, taken from document:

Just What You Need to Know
A very basic short tutorial for XP users who are moving to Windows 7
Gene Asner

this informal short tutorial is based on messages I wrote to e-mail lists. You will see repetition in the discussion of ribbons which occurs in two separate messages but I’ve left the repetition in the material because it may help you understand points to see both discussions.

The goal of this informal tutorial is to present what a new Windows 7 user, who is familiar with Windows Xp needs to know to work with Windows 7. Where possible and where I deemed it desirable, I’ve presented techniques that are most similar to those used in XP. Where not possible or where I deemed it not desirable, I presented or concentrated on other methods. but I gave no unnecessary information and the other methods are easy to use and learn. You will likely learn a lot more about Windows 7 over time but this guide will probably allow you to use Windows 7 with reasonable ease and convenience within a much shorter time than you may have thought possible.
I hope those who read this material will distribute it widely. I would like it to become well known and available for download in many places such as from web sites that present such material for blind computer users.

End of introduction:

Download the file Windows7 Messages, extract it and inside you’ll find the text file.