A very basic short tutorial for XP users who are moving to Windows 7 by Gene Asner – Free download

Please note that I am not the author of this document.

If you are still stuck with Windows XP and you are finally considering moving to Windows 7, this short introduction will be of great benefit to you.

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Introduction, taken from document:

Just What You Need to Know
A very basic short tutorial for XP users who are moving to Windows 7
Gene Asner

this informal short tutorial is based on messages I wrote to e-mail lists. You will see repetition in the discussion of ribbons which occurs in two separate messages but I’ve left the repetition in the material because it may help you understand points to see both discussions.

The goal of this informal tutorial is to present what a new Windows 7 user, who is familiar with Windows Xp needs to know to work with Windows 7. Where possible and where I deemed it desirable, I’ve presented techniques that are most similar to those used in XP. Where not possible or where I deemed it not desirable, I presented or concentrated on other methods. but I gave no unnecessary information and the other methods are easy to use and learn. You will likely learn a lot more about Windows 7 over time but this guide will probably allow you to use Windows 7 with reasonable ease and convenience within a much shorter time than you may have thought possible.
I hope those who read this material will distribute it widely. I would like it to become well known and available for download in many places such as from web sites that present such material for blind computer users.

End of introduction:

Download the file Windows7 Messages, extract it and inside you’ll find the text file.