New Giga Data Deals from Cell C on prepaid

If you are not interested in paying every month or you just don’t use the same amount of data every month, there is sure to be an option here for you.


Cell C have decreased pricing on their giga data deals and what’s more is that your data is valid for 365 days!  Yes, for one year.  lovely!


So, if you are looking for 16.6 GB per month, be ready to pay R166.00 per month once off for the entire year.  That’s R1.00 per GB.  Not bad.


If you are looking for a cost effective deal, check out the options below:

New and updated Social Bundles from Cell C

Today, 20 September 2017, Cell C gave their social media package a sort of facelift.


They have increased the options and have added anynet minutes, sms messages and access to games.


The validity period also looks reasonable.


Although, to be very honest, I still don’t really see much value in sms messages.


I will still test the service out and give further feedback in an updated post.


In any case, please see the table below for a quick overview:


Price Data in GB Social Data Anynet Minutes Anynet SMS Free Games Validity – in days Data for regular use and social media per day in GB Data for regular use and social media per day in MB Anynet minutes per day Anynet sms’s per day
R29,00 0,1 0,1 150 300 5 30 0,003333 3 5 10
R49,00 0,25 0,25 300 300 5 30 0,008333 8 10 10
R79,00 0,5 0,5 450 300 5 30 0,016667 16 15 10
R129,00 1 1 900 300 5 30 0,033333 33 30 10
R249,00 2 2 1800 300 10 30 0,066667 66 60 10
R349,00 3 3 3600 300 10 30 0,1 100 120 10
R499,00 5 5 3600 300 10 30 0,166667 166 120 10

New Cell C LTE-A Packages

Cell C is making available data packages at a huge discount from the 1st of October. however, these are on promotion and will only be available until 31 December, 2017.

These packages are available on a sim only option for either a month to month period or for 24 months.


The price will remain locked for as long as you maintain your contract.


If desired, you can bundle your 24 month options with a modem.


As always, please remember to test the network in the area where you wish to use it the most.  You will save yourself a lot of trouble and head aches.


I have highlighted the packages for your convenience below:


Product DATA ALLOCATION IN GB Current Price – Per Month New Promo Price – Per Month Discount Percent Validity – In days Price per GB GB AVAILABLE PER DAY
15GB 15 R299,00 R149,00 50% 30 R9,93 0,5
25GB 25 R499,00 R239,00 52% 30 R9,56 0,833333
50GB 50 R699,00 R489,00 30% 30 R9,78 1,666667
100GB 100 R999,00 R849,00 15% 30 R8,49 3,333333
200GB 200 R1 499,00 R1 099,00 27% 30 R5,50 6,666667

SARS eFiling now accessible to visually impaired taxpayers

Press release: received on Wednesday, 24 August, 2016.

SARS is proud to announce that our eFiling Mobisite is now accessible to blind and partially sighted taxpayers. Blind taxpayers who rely on screen-reading software will now be able to navigate the mobisite on their mobile devices, PC or laptop.
The revamped website will also benefit partially sighted taxpayers, since it offers improved contrast and is able to adapt to the user’s choice of screen colour (for example, high contrast black which displays white text on a black background).
This development means that visually impaired taxpayers will now be able to complete and submit their Income Tax Returns (ITR12) while previously this may have been challenging without sighted assistance.
Simply visit from the mobile device, PC or laptop that has the screen-reader software installed to start eFiling.
SARS At Your Service

Launch of new Mobile @Vodacom Kiosk for the blind and visually impaired at @CouncilForBlind

In partnership with Vodacom, the South African National Council for the Blind (SANCB) officially launched a mobile service kiosk at their Pretoria offices yesterday (Wednesday 8 June), bringing mobile communication closer to visually impaired people.

These days, smartphones come with built-in accessibility features on both Android and iOS platforms enabling people with various disabilities to also have access to the amazing world of independence and the internet.

The kiosk will provide step-by-step guidance and serve as an information hub and one stop shop for blind and visually impaired people who are interested in accessible phones.

For more information, please contact the SANCB on 012-452-3811.